How to Get 2-Player Kickoff in FIFA 18 – Guide

The boot error is not really an error. Instead, it’s a tactic players use to score goals that make the most of FIFA 18’s overwhelming passing game and teams’ starting line.up. This is how it works: from the kick-off, players pass the ball to the touchline, then throw the ball across the wing to the winger, cross and hopefully hit the ball into the net. It’s a dissatisfying way to score and frustrating to be on the wrong side, but everyone does it. Well, here’s why this kick-start strategy works. First of all, the FIFA 18 pass is pretty strong. Despite a recent nerf, you can still dribble the ball accurately and quickly with solo passes, and players will control the ball quickly. In FIFA 18, for example, you can quickly throw the ball away and start an attack from the start. Second, this strategy is effective because of the way players are defined. up at the kickoff. The team that kicks off has its players well distributed across the field, with full-backs and wingers or midfielders close to the touchline. The defending team has wingers and wingers positioned close together, but other players are clustered in the center of the field. So when you interrupt you already have your wingers in position to receive the ball and attack through the wing, but it takes some time for defenders to react, close or help your wingers and wingers, which is what the attacker does with space and win-win situations. from one to one. It doesn’t help that player rotation in FIFA 18 isn’t great.

Kick-off rules in FIFA 18

How to Change kick-off rule in FIFA 18

To change the kick-off method back to the traditional rule, press L2/LT on your controller at kick-off. Then a teammate will join you to receive the ball and you can pass the ball to him using the short pass button (X/A) and start the game.

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