How to Get Airdrop On Windows and Android Using KDE Connect – Guide

We’ve all heard of the Apple ecosystem. That’s what makes their expensive prices worth it. This is what prevents Apple users from buying anything other than Apple. Well, if you live outside the famous walled garden, you can still enjoy it. For example, if you don’t have a Mac and iPhone, you can get Airdrop on Android and Windows. With the help of KDE Connect, you can get a universal clipboard for your Android and Windows devices, as well as other AirDrop functions.

Get Airdrop on Android and Windows using KDE Connect

What is KDE Connect?

You read briefly about the features and what this KDE Connect software contains, but let’s understand in more detail what KDE Connect is. KDE Connect is a Linux-based project that provides the user with all the features of iOS-based AirDrop and allows PC and Android or Windows device to communicate seamlessly. There are many things you can do using KDE Connect; According to the official KDE Connect website, KDE Connect is a tool created to ensure seamless communication between all devices. In addition, to achieve this communication, it relies on the factors below;

Download KDE Connect for Windows

KDE Connect is available for macOS, however there is a stable port of KDE Connect for Windows being developed by Google Summer of Code Student, Piyush Agarwal. You can download KDE Connect nightly builds which seems stable and you won’t face any issues or problems. Click the link below to download the latest stable version of the KDE Connect software for Windows;

KDE Connect for Windows

You will need to extract the zip file and install KDE Connect on your Windows PC like any normal software you would install on your desktop.

Download KDE Connect for Android

You can download the latest version of KDE Connect from the Google Play Store or you can also download it via a third-party app called F-droid. Links to both sources are provided below;

How to pair Android and Windows

Final note

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