How to Get an iOS-like Control Center on Android Device – Guide

iOS 11 brings a ton of new features features that make one of the best mobile even better operating systems. Key features include the new Dock for iPads, easier multitasking, the new Files app, drag and drop, the updated App Store and the redesigned Control Center, among others. Of all the most controversial features feature in iOS 11 is the redesigned Control Center. Some people love its customization, while others hate its appearance. As an Android user, I’ve always given more importance to customization than appearance, so naturally I like it a lot. However, I don’t like it enough to switch from my Android phone for an iPhone. If only there was a way to run Control Center on my Android device. After installing the app, the app will ask for various permissions that you need to grant in order for it to work. The app needs these permissions to function properly. If you don’t grant these permissions to the app, it will crash and not work properly. As far as the licensing process is concerned, it is very simple. The app itself will direct you to the settings page and all you have to do is activate the appropriate setting for the app.

Using the iOS 14 Control Center

Control Center iOS 14 can bring the entire control center on your Android device. After installing this app, users just need to swipe right or swipe left from the edge of the screen to bring up iOS 14 control center.

Final note

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