How to Get Android 12 Clock Widgets on any Android – Guide

Android 12 is now officially available for Pixel phones. And soon other OEMs will also release stable Android 12 for their phones. But we all know the reality that most Android devices phones will not receive the Android 12 update. Even many eligible devices will receive the update late. But we all want to try the new Android 12 user interface. We may not be able to get all the features from Android 12, but we can get Android 12 widgets with some customizations. Here you will learn how to get android 12 widgets on any android phone. The new and improved widget collection is one of the best features Android 12, and most widgets are customized to enrich the home screen view. And as most of us like to define up The home screen of our phone, widgets play an important role in these cases. And it’s also easy to get widgets with different apps used for customization.

How to get android 12 clock widgets on any android

Get Android 12 widgets for free with Material Komponents

Let’s start with a free option. You can get the Material Components app (for free), which you can download from the Play Store. It’s not very sophisticated, and you’ll have to manually add the various components available. But it’s still doable. Just follow these steps to get started:

U KWGT Material

If you’re willing to spend some money to get even more beautiful widgets on your phone, you should try this. First, install the Material U KWGT package (Rs. 85/$0.99) from the Play Store. Although it’s a paid package, the widgets are very good and look visually identical to Android 12 widgets. The next step is to buy KWGT Pro (free/Rs. 99 /$5.99). Just so you know, you need to install the free app and then buy the Pro version key to use Material U widgets. Here’s what to do next:

NeXt – Android 12 Widgets for KWGT

NeXt is another great app with a large collection of Android 12 widgets that can be added via the KWGT app. To do this, you will need to install the NeXt application (Rs. 90 / $1.49). Again, this is a paid app, but the widgets are pretty cool. I assume you already have the KWGT app installed and set up.

Android 12 clock widgets

If KWGT doesn’t suit you and you want a simple app that doesn’t require a lot of work, installing a standalone app is the best way to try out Android 12 widgets. It’s easy to configure up and you can add widgets in a matter of seconds. If you are looking for the super cool Android 12 clock widgets, you can simply download the Android 12 Clock Widgets app.

Final note

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