How to Get Android Device to Show up in File Explorer – Guide

You can use your Android phone to listen to music, watch videos and take pictures, but to transfer or remove these files to your device, you sometimes need to connect it to your desktop PC. It’s great when everything works correctly, but it can be frustrating when your device isn’t recognized. From there, you can browse your device storage and easily add or delete files. Of course, you can do it on your own. phone or tablet, but using a traditional desktop computer can turn a potentially long and tedious operation into a short and happy one. You also need to be able to copy files, which means your PC needs to see and treat your device like traditional attached storage. However, if you have already tried to unlock your device, for example B. to install a new ROM or root it, you may have installed the Android Debug Bridge (ADB) driver on your computer at some point. This driver is great for using your computer to send commands to your device, but it can get in the way. up its foolproof file handling. Before trying anything else, it’s a good idea to go through common troubleshooting. tips. Restart your Android phone and try again. Also try a different USB cable or USB port on your computer. Connect it directly to your computer instead of a USB hub. You never know when you will have bad hardware, and no amount of software troubleshooting can solve this problem. So try the obvious first.

Go to ‘My Files’ in the app drawer

If you believe that the best path is the path of least resistance, this is the method for you. Accessing all files on your Android device is very simple:

Access the settings files

This method isn’t exactly the fastest way to get your files, but it does allow you to see multiple file types at a glance.

using a computer

You can also preview files while your phone is connected to your computer. This works on Mac and Windows computers.

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