The Pixel Watch costs $349 for the Wi-Fi/Bluetooth model and $399 for the LTE model. It also has a battery life of up within 24 hours.” This is actually pretty standard for smartwatches, but Google’s smartwatch doesn’t usually last 24 hours. We’ve been using the Pixel Watch for a few weeks now and you can read our review here. During that time, we’ve also played around with the settings to see how we can extend the battery life a little bit. And we did it successfully. So here we will show you how to extend the battery life of the Pixel Watch. We managed to make it last more than 30 hours. This might not seem like much, but where it only lasted about 15 hours before, that’s pretty good.

Ways to improve battery life on Google Pixel

smarter charging

In the first step of our Pixel battery life journey, we’ll show you how to make your google creation phone’s extremely optimized and efficient charging process, which will help your battery last longer and perform better overall. While it won’t provide any form of immediate gratification, it will provide a better foundation for endurance over the weeks, months, and years you hold your Pixel. phone.

Smarter power distribution

Now that charging is taken care of, it’s time to focus on how your Pixel actually uses energy. Here, too, Google’s software offers some wonderful features that are just waiting to be used. Your most used apps during the day will be tracked through a specific Pixel feature called Adaptive Battery. It will then modify your system’s power distribution so that whatever you use less frequently has less power-sucking resources available to it.

smarter economy

No matter how many preventive measures you take, the day will undoubtedly come when your beautiful Pixel phone starts to choke as his metaphorical tank approaches the empty mark. As a result, our latest advice on Pixel battery life may be the most crucial of all.

Final Words

That’s it with our article on how to get better battery life on Google Pixel. If you’re looking for an Android phone, the Google Pixel has a lot to recommend it. However, you’ll want to start strong while maintaining your Google Pixel’s battery life! if you want your phone To survive longer during the day or for years to come, here are the best techniques to conserve battery life.

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