How to Get Brightness Slider on Android’s Status Bar – Guide

Android is a platform where many developers present their ideas to improve the system’s capabilities. If you already tried a root phone with a custom ROM, you must surely have found several features that you can’t find in stock ROMs. One of these practical features is the brightness slider on the status bar. Thereby feature, you can change the brightness of your Android device by simply swiping the status bar. It’s very simple and intuitive. But like many other custom ROMs it features the brightness slider. feature it is not available in stock ROMs. However, after a bit of research I found an easy way to how to add status bar brightness slider on any android rooted or not. This method allows you to change the screen brightness directly from the status bar slider without having to dive into your phone’s settings. The notification panel on Android smartphones is intended to provide a quick overview of frequently used functions and important events that occurred on your device. phone. Some Android devices support a brightness slider in the notification panel; Phones like the Samsung Galaxy let you turn that feature turn it on and off as you see fit.

Get Brightness Slider in Status Bar on Android

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