How to Get Cycling Navigation Directions on Apple Maps – Guide

A valuable update to Apple Maps that came with iOS 14 is Bike Routes. Although Google Maps has offered this feature for some time, Apple takes it a step further, including whether you’ll use bike lanes or side streets on your route, a switch to avoid busy roads or hills, and more. read to learn how to use Apple Maps bike routes in iOS 14. When my colleague Ben Lovejoy wrote an order for a new feature that Apple adds cycling directions to Apple Maps, 98% of 9to5Mac readers agreed in a survey, even though it was a self-selected sample. So it’s fair to say that many will be looking forward to seeing this. feature released around the world. As with other Apple Maps updates we’ve seen, bike routes won’t be available in all areas, but it’s worth checking regularly where you live to see when they’re added. Below, we’ll show you what feature looks and works just like on the iPhone using bike routes in the Bay Area. Apple Maps support for cycling directions will gradually expand to more cities, but is currently available in California, Seattle, Portland, New York, London and mainland China. Cyclists using Apple Maps in iOS 14 can take advantage of new options to make commuting or travel easier. See How to use the new Maps features to avoid hills on your way. The new bike from Apple Maps features, featured at WWDC, offers several ways to make it easy to get from place to place by bike. Offered as an alternative means of transport alongside driving, walking and public transport, bike options offer some improvements to getting around on two wheels that others don’t.

How to Get cycling directions on Apple Maps

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