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There are three ways to transfer stuff from your old iPhone to a new one. If you’re running MacOS Catalina or later, you can connect iPhone to Mac with a charging cable and use the Finder. This is fast, but you need a Mac and enough space on it for the backup file. You can also use Apple’s direct data migration tool that copies your old ones phone on your new one without using a computer or iCloud. The downside of this process is that you won’t be able to use any phone until the transfer process is complete, which can take an hour or even hours to complete. Then there’s using iCloud to do the transfer. The advantage of this process is that you don’t need to be tied to a computer and you will have access to your old one. phone while the new one is downloading its backup file. The downside is that you need enough storage in your iCloud account to fit the backup file. If you’re on Apple’s 5GB iCloud free tier, that probably won’t be enough. You could, of course, pay Apple a few dollars a month for more storage. But if you prefer not to, you can use iOS 15 to borrow some iCloud storage for free to get back up your old iPhone. See how you do it.

Use iOS 15 to borrow more iCloud storage for free

First, update your old iPhone to iOS 15. This will work on iPhone 6S ($220 on eBay) or newer. Depending on the speed of your Wi-Fi network, it may take a while to download and install. It took me about 20 minutes. Once the update is complete, go to Settings, General and tap the new option: Transfer or Reset iPhone. A new page will appear. In the Prepare for New iPhone section, tap Get Started. A bang-up window called Extra iCloud to move apps and data will appear. Read it again and when you’re done click Continue button. You may see a message iCloud backup is disabled. If you do, tap Enable backup to transfer. That didn’t blow up for me. Then the Move data for all your apps screen will appear. Read again. There is a list of apps that are not syncing their data with iCloud. Tap Move all app data with iCloud button. Another screen appears up explaining what you can do with your old iPhone. Read it or not. Then click on the blue Done button. button. Your old iPhone will start working up for iCloud. If you look at the main page under Settings, you’ll see a new section that says, “iCloud backup in progress”. Once the backup is complete, this new section under Settings will show “Ready for your new iPhone”.

Extend your temporary iCloud backup for another 21 days

You can start this process up up to 21 days before purchasing a new iPhone. Remember that any new texts, iMessages, photos or videos will not be in this backup. If your new iPhone doesn’t arrive within 21 days, you can get another 21 days to restore your temporary backup before it’s deleted by opening Settings and tapping Keep my backup longer. When your new iPhone arrives, whether it’s an iPhone 13 or older, turn it on and follow the instructions to complete tasks such as entering a password, setting up up FaceID and agree to Apple’s terms and conditions. eventually you will end up on a screen that offers different ways to transfer your data, select Restore from iCloud. Then sign in to iCloud with the same Apple ID and password as your old iPhone. Choose the most recent backup and follow the instructions, after which the backup file will start downloading on the new iPhone. Once the download is complete, your new iPhone will restart and your apps will complete downloading. All your photos, emails, contacts, appointments and messages will be there. You might be wondering what happens to that temporary iCloud backup when it’s done. It will be available for seven days and then permanently deleted.

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