How to get GOT Snapchat filter on my Android phone – Guide

The promotional aspect of the show is never entirely diminished by HBO. Even when the show is not on the air, you will receive regular updates and teasers. Promotion, on the other hand, ramps up close to the release date. A new Game of Thrones snap filter for Snapchat is part of this year’s marketing. The filter is not added to your filter drawer by default. You must manually add it by scanning a certain snap code. Game of Thrones promotes the show’s 7th season using a Snapchat filter lens. Learn how to get Game Of Thrones Snapchat filter and how to use it. This filter, like any new filter, is not available in Snapchat’s filter drawer. To download the Game Of Thrones Snapchat filter and learn how to use it, follow these steps. Android and iPhone users can now use the filter.

How to get the Game of Thrones Snapchat filter

Open this link to snapcode in your mobile device. Click on the snapcode link found on the web page. If you are on your PC reading this article, scan the snapcode from the image located below using Snapchat’s camera. You should feel your device vibrate and see a warning appear on the screen saying “New Lens Found”. Unfortunately, this lens is only temporary. You can only use this filter for one hour after its activation. You can use this lens in two ways. The first is to use your front or selfie camera. All you have to do is simply hold the device in front of your face and tap your face to activate the lens. Now when you open your mouth, the screen will turn into a snowstorm landscape and your eyes will turn blue. The second way to use this lens is by using your camera. point your camera to whatever is in front of you and the landscape will appear again, but this time there will be a White Walker. Also, a dragon glass dagger will appear in the lower right corner that you can tap to throw it at the White Walker to kill him. Now go enjoy your new Snapchat filter, it will last. Enjoy the new season of Game of Thrones.

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