How To Get iOS Like Homescreen Search On an Android Device – Guide

Android and iOS have their own unique set of features, but if there’s one thing Android outperforms iOS, it’s flexibility. Sure, iOS elements are opening up for developers, but it’s nowhere near the flexibility that Android offers. If you are an Android user, you know that thanks to various apps you can enjoy most iOS features on Android. Like iPhone swipe back gesture, you can easily download it on Android. Like the ones on iOS home screen search feature, you can get it with the new Evie launcher. We love iOS’s universal search feature, and while we like Google Now, iOS’s ability to prioritize local data along with structured results based on your past interactions is really helpful. The new Evie launcher, released earlier this month, brings the same functionality to Android. Just take a quick look at the Google Play Store, you will find different types of apps and games there. Despite Android’s endless app options and customization possibilities, everyone is crazy about iOS. In fact, iOS’s interface is more streamlined than Android’s. The bugs and glitches are comparatively less on iOS than on Android. When we talk about the iOS features there are some features How home screen search.

How to Get iOS Like Home Screen Search on Android

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