Kudosh makes the world go ’round. In Two Point Campus, it’s the special currency you need to unlock a variety of items – from new wall decorations, gaming consoles, food stands and rugs to academic bookshelves and tools to complete homework assignments. Unfortunately, it’s fairly hard to come by, and you’ll need to put in hours of work to start earning Kudosh. Firstly, minimal Kudosh can be earned from completing student requests or challenges set by third parties. As you build your campus, you’ll often get special requests from health inspectors, mascots, or the education department. They’ll ask you to train staff, improve hygiene, or hold particular events.

How to Get Kudosh on Two Point Campus

Kudosh can be used to spend on stuff that will always be unlocked, but you still have to buy them in the game. Don’t waste your hard-earned and uncommon Kudosh on a brand-new Crazy Taxi High Roller arcade cabinet like we did, oops. Instead, prioritise function over style. You don’t have to worry about using up all of your Kudosh at once because it will carry over to the next level. Playing Sandbox mode in Two Point Campus is the easiest way to easily obtain Kudosh. By choosing the “Creative” option in Sandbox Mode, you can choose your own custom Kudosh, money, and Course Points amounts or get the maximum amount of 25,000 Kudosh and other currencies. Remember that you’ll have every item unlocked in creative mode from the start. Instead, be a little frugal and only use it when absolutely necessary.

Final Words

We hope like our article on how to Get Kudosh on Two Point Campus. Campus Two Point Kudosh is a priceless resource that may be used to permanently unlock brand-new campus furnishings and accents. However, obtaining it can be challenging because you must complete particular tasks and objectives. This implies that gaining Kudosh can occasionally feel like a slow process because the game expects you to spend it far more quickly than you appear to be getting it. In Two Point Campus, there are ways to gain Kudosh more quickly.

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