How to Get MAC OS Mojave Features on your Windows 10 – Guide

Apple’s latest iteration of its desktop operating system was announced at WWDC earlier this month. Dubbed “macOS Mojave”, the update brings with it a slew of new features, including some long-awaited things like dark mode, as well as others. features and cosmetic enhancements that are very good. So if you’re wondering how to take these features on a Windows 10 PC, we have a solution for you. getting the features of macOS Mojave on Windows 10 is a relatively easy task, in part because many of these features are built into Windows, and in part because most of the applications you need to get these features are readily available and free. This is one of the hottest macOS trends right now and users are looking for this one. features on your operating system and we’ve received some feedback on that as well. So I thought of using these features on my Windows PC too, and after doing some research I found some ways to use features on my Windows PC too. And now I’m sharing this guide with you so you can also use some features on your Windows computer. Then follow the full article below.

How to Get MAC OS Mojave Features on your Windows 10

Enable dark mode in Windows 10

After enabling dark mode in Windows 10, all apps downloaded to Microsoft store are in dark mode. which also includes the built-in apps for Windows 10.

Create a macOS Mojave dynamic background on Windows 10

Enable Stacks in Windows 10

batch is new feature in macOS Mojave 10.14 that allows users to create batches of related files. For example, if your desktop is full of files, folders, icons, videos, photos, software and so on. After enabling stacks, all files will be sorted by file type and your desktop will be much more organized. If you want to enable these features on Windows 10, we need to use third-party software called Fences. Fences is an application developed by the company Stardock that allows us to manage our files on Windows as well as on Mac. But this software is not completely free but it offers a 30 days trial version that you try. After 30 days, you will need to purchase the software to continue using it. Fences may not make your desktop exactly like macOS Mojave, but it makes your screen similar to macOS Mojave 10.14 and even better in my opinion. The fences can be customized even more when you play with them, it’s really cool features. I wish it was available by default in Windows 10.

Enable Quicklook in Windows 10

Quicklook is another feature from macOS Mojave which is really ingenious and saves a lot of time. QuickLook helps to take a look at the file without opening it. You just need to place your cursor over it and the file will be displayed. As you know, Windows 10 doesn’t have this feature by default use Quicklook on Windows 10. Download an app from the Microsoft Store called Quicklook. QuickLook is free, but unfortunately it won’t work on Windows 10 s. When using Quicklook in Windows 10, just select a file and press the spacebar on your keyboard, a quick look at the file will appear. This feature it’s really awesome on Windows 10 when you use it.

enable locator Features on Windows 10

Enable screenshot Features of macOS Mojave on Windows 10

The screenshot tool in macOS Mojave has been greatly improved by Apple. Apple users can create their own keyboard shortcuts with the screenshot tool. But the most important update that Apple has given to the screenshot tool is the Screenshot Hub. With Screenshot Hub, you can create keyboard shortcuts, capture videos and edit photos and videos after capturing them. If you want to use similar features of the macOS Mojave screenshot tool on Windows 10, you need to use the TinyTake app. TinyTake App is free and open source software for Windows that allows you to create keyboard shortcuts, capture videos, edit videos and photos with simple tools. If you don’t want to use the TinyTake app, you’ll need to use the Windows + Shift + S key combination to take a screenshot. This key combination is new in Windows 10 1803.

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