How to Get MacBook Pro Like Touch Bar On Android Device – Guide

While it’s no worse than the function keys it replaced, Apple really struggled to help it reach its potential and make it a really great part of owning a MacBook Pro. Better Touch Tool fixes this giving you full control. For starters, you can add any app to the Touch Bar, not just those with developers who have added Touch Bar functionality. You can quickly launch any application you like or add a button for specific functionality (such as accessing a specific URL in Safari). Where it really shines is in the workflow options. You can create powerful processes with countless actions and tasks, all activated with a single tap on the Touch Bar. This is the level of control we’ve been waiting for three years and Apple still hasn’t implemented. It also remains contextual. Let’s say you’ve created a set of Touch Bar shortcuts for Slack, for example B. switching between different rooms and direct messages. Load up Slack and these shortcuts will now appear in the Touch Bar. So if you like Control Strip feature from Touch Bar, ‘

Here’s How to get a MacBook-like Touch Bar on your Android device:

Looks cool, right? Well, TouchBar Android app allows you to change your WiFi, Bluetooth, Screen Rotation, Brightness and Sound settings. The app also lets you control your music with buttons.

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