How to Get MacOS Type App Dock on Windows 11 PC – Guide

Among other things, software in development can turn the Windows 11 taskbar into a macOS-like dock. although the feature is very limited as the Taskbar software itself is at an early stage, it adds a refreshing look to the taskbar in Windows 11. The Taskbar is intended to be a successor to the popular Windows customization program Taskbar . However, as already mentioned, it is still in its infancy. It does not yet have a graphical user interface (GUI). Now it’s worth noting that the utility currently only works on the Windows 11 Start screen. So when you maximize a window, the taskbar goes back to normal. On the desktop, however, it appears as a single dock, with the taskbar appearing as a separate, smaller dock in the lower-right corner. However, as the software does not yet have a GUI, the only way to close the program and return to the standard Windows 11 taskbar is to close the program in Task Manager and restart File Explorer to restore accepted changes. Also, according to the developer, the latest version of the software is “for testing purposes only”.

Add a Mac-style Dock to Windows 10 and 11 With Windows step Nexus

Here is How to install Winstep Nexus freeware:

How do I make the Windows taskbar look like the Mac Dock?

Scroll down to the Assets heading and click on the TaskbarXI.exe file to download the application. If prompted with a warning that downloading the file could be dangerous, ignore the warning. Switch to the Desktop view and make sure the Dock is visible at the bottom of the screen. It must be visible to you. If you want to undo the changes and go back to the original layout, click on the system tray icon. Now when you see the ‘Do you want to exit the app’ notification, click ‘Yes’ button.

Features of Taskbar XI in a nutshell

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