How to Get macOS Type Spotlight Search On Windows 10 – Guide

Microsoft is currently developing a new Spotlight-like launcher app for Windows 10. The new launcher is intended to replace the existing Win+R shortcut and include options for quickly navigating apps and files in Windows, as well as support for plugins like calculators, dictionaries, and search engines. The software giant has been working on the launcher since January, and the first public beta is planned for May. An earlier version of the launcher supports basic search tasks that are normally performed by the Windows Start menu’s built-in search function. However, there are plans to make this a more powerful launcher similar to Alfred on macOS and more functional than Apple’s Spotlight search. For most Windows users, the Start menu search is sufficient as it works as a sort of basic launcher. Advanced users demand more, and built-in search doesn’t come with plugins or the ability to add custom web searches, snippets, and more. Start menu search also forces you to access Bing search results and opens Edge browser for all web queries.

How to has a similar Spotlight search system on Windows 10

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