This Destiny 2 map pieces tutorial will cover both how to acquire different map kinds that will alter what you find on your excursions as well as how to acquire the currency needed to make treasure maps. Similar to the Season of the Hunt’s lures, this time around it’s all about inserting various map types to alter the results.  We have mentioned below to Get Map fragments in Destiny 2

How to Get Map fragments in Destiny 2

Map Fragments are won by completing the Ketchcrash action that premiered with the Season of Plunder in Destiny 2. You can also earn them via ranking up the season pass and the Star Chart in the H.E.L.M., however those are more bonuses than ways. In order to restore Treasure Maps using the Captain’s Atlas, this new seasonal resource is used in conjunction with Treasure Coordinates. Once a Treasure Map has been restored, start an Expedition playlist activity from the H.E.L.M. After finishing the activity, you can find your treasure and collect your rewards. It’s also worth mentioning that there are different types of treasure maps in Season of Plunder. Go to the star table in H.E.L.M. and see the unlocks for the pirate crew. There you can unlock the ability to control the type of map you recover with your captain’s atlas. This will give you a bit more control over the equipment you earn in Season 18, and allow you to focus on the items that are of value to your guard and building.

Final Words

We hope like our article on how to Get Map fragments in Destiny 2. The most pirate-like elements in Destiny 2 were Grip of Greed and the Swashbuckler perk. However, the Season of Plunder aims to rectify this by leaning heavily on the pirate theme and offering fans a season full of loot, treasure, pirate jokes, and themed activities.

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