How to Get Most Out of Netflix Subscription – Guide

Anyone with a Netflix subscription has been in the situation – or similar – where they wanted to watch a movie but couldn’t find exactly what they were looking for because thousands of titles are hidden behind arbitrary categories in a user interface more like a maze. There must be a better way to browse the streaming service and find the next Netflix show you want to watch. There are definitely some tips and tricks to shorten the search so you can watch more of the best movies on Netflix. If you like good old-fashioned entertainment, you probably watch Netflix a lot. With over 183 million paying members from almost every country in the world, Netflix is ​​by far the biggest streaming service in the world. Of course, much of Netflix’s popularity stems from its extensive catalog, which includes a growing library of original programming not available anywhere else. But Netflix’s ability to grab attention is also largely due to its ease of use. Netflix is ​​available on almost every major platform and has a variety of features that let you watch TV at your convenience. If you’re a subscriber and want to take your streaming experience to the next level, here are over a dozen tips and tricks to make you a Netflix master.

How to Make the most of your Netflix subscription

Remove embarrassing titles from your movie archive.

If you want to improve your binge right away, we recommend checking out some of the features available as Chrome extensions. Netflix IMDb Ratings is a good example of a simple and straightforward extension that does exactly what it promises: it adds IMDb ratings for series and movies in a pop-up.up.up window in the right corner of a thumbnail when you hover over a title. It’s an extra data point that can help you choose the movie. There are numerous other Chrome extensions that we will discuss in other posts below. if they didn’t save up with Netflix changes, they may no longer be useful. It is often better to stick with extensions that provide a small improvement rather than ones that promise to “change” your experience. Remember that Chrome extensions only work for viewing in the browser. So if you’re watching through a streaming device connected to your TV, they won’t do you any good.

Download movies and series to watch them offline

One of the biggest obstacles to streaming is the need for a quality internet connection. Since 2016, Netflix has offered the option to download select movies and TV shows. This means you can take part of your queue with you without worrying about whether your flight’s Wi-Fi connection is sufficient. You will have to take the mobile app and expect it to take some time and storage to download, but soon you will be able to watch great movies and series on the go.

Let Netflix Decide What You Want to Watch

Instead of scrolling for hours to find something new (before inevitably deciding to watch another episode of Seinfeld), Netflix’s Shuffle feature lets you decide what to watch. Shuffle Play is exactly what it sounds like. Instead of scouring your iPod library to play a random title, Netflix uses its algorithm to instantly play something that might interest you based on your watch history and list. For the undecided (and trustworthy) this is definitely better than browsing.

Or use the “Netflix Bible” to find exactly what you are looking for

Boring Netflix categories like “action” or “romance” just aren’t enough. That’s why we took it upon ourselves to separate our damn categories: we have the best thrillers, the best documentaries, the best horror movies, and much more. But if you want to be even more specific, check out What’s on Netflix. Here you will find a veritable encyclopedia of over 20,000 crazy, wild and interesting sub-genres. There are even ID codes that you can attach to the final your Netflix URL to go straight to the promised land. Try 6384 for “Tearjerkers” if you want to cry well.

You can also organize the search in whatever way works best for you.

If you want to scroll through the Netflix library until something catches your eye, you can also sort the results in whatever way works best for you. On the desktop, when selecting “Movies” or “TV Shows” (and specifying a genre if necessary), click the box with the four squares in the upper right corner instead of the box with the three lines. This turns the page into a grid view, so the annoying oversized movie or series view at the top of the screen disappears and you can scroll up and down instead of clicking the arrows. From there, you can also sort by “Suggestions for you”, “Release year”, AZ or ZA to find exactly what you are looking for.

Find out which movies and series are on the schedule.

Titles on Netflix come and go, and there are new gems every month. On the 1st of each month, you can check out what’s available on our regularly updated list of movies and TV shows on the service. And if you want to know what else is coming this year, keep an eye out for our regularly updated 2021 calendar, which will let you know the premiere dates of all Netflix “originals” as soon as they are announced.

End the buffer

Buffer time is the scourge of all bingers. How can you survive a risky confrontation with a drug dealer in the Ozark if your video keeps freezing? If you’re watching on a computer, here are some workarounds: While watching a title, press Ctrl+Shift+Opt/Alt+S to open a “hidden” menu of buffer corrections and other streaming options. If you’re streaming on Xbox 360 or PlayStation 3, use the d-pad and click up, up, down, down, left, right, left, right, up, up, up to bring up the same menu. If you’re watching TV on an Apple TV or other streaming device, go to the “Playback Settings” section on your account page and select “Auto” or “Low” and your content will load (albeit at lower quality) when your connection weakens. If you don’t want to go through that “secret menu”, you can also just make sure your settings and internet are optimized for the best streaming possible.

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