How to Get Offline Maps and Navigation on iPhone – Guide

Navigating with Google Maps in a mobile Data connection can consume a lot of data in a short period of time. Fortunately, Google Maps for iOS includes a feature which allows you to download entire regions of the map for later offline use. By downloading your routes over a Wi-Fi connection, you can save a lot in the amount of mobile data used while browsing. Turn-by-turn navigation, location search and facility information are accessible without a data connection. The Maps app built into iPhones cannot be downloaded for offline use. However, it doesn’t work if you use the Maps app while you don’t have a signal. This makes cards useless as they can help you get to a destination but not bring you back. There are many offline maps apps for iPhone. One of them. It’s free and works well with Apple CarPlay. Also, you can download large areas of the map. For example, you can download the entire map of the United States or state by state. You can also download maps for other countries. In addition to showing your location, you can ask for directions and search for points of interest and places of interest offline.

Download Google Maps

Open Google Maps and search for the location you want to save. Tap the bottom information bar, then tap Download. Choose the size of the region you want to save, give it a name and that’s it!

start navigation

When using turn-by-turn directions, start the navigation process as you normally would – the only feature you will miss is live traffic conditions and updates. To view and manage the regions you have saved, tap the top left menu button on Google Maps and scroll down to Offline Areas. Google does not currently support offline navigation for walking, cycling, or public transport routes, but plans to add more offline options. features in the future.

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