How to get password breach alerts on Microsoft Edge Chromium – Guide

The Microsoft Edge web browser has a number of features, and the company is constantly adding new ones. Recently, a new feature was introduced in the browser called “Password Monitor”. As the name suggests, the new feature allows users to monitor their passwords and notify them when it is determined that one of them has been compromised. It also supports notifying users in such cases. So if you have an account on a website that appears to have been breached, the feature will notify the user so that necessary measures can be taken to protect the account. Before proceeding, download and install the Microsoft Edge Dev or Canary version on your computer by clicking here. If you are someone who does this, the newly released Password Monitor feature and to you. Password Monitor was recently introduced in Microsoft Edge and allows users to monitor their passwords and get notified if one of them is detected as compromised. So if you are registered on a hacked website, Password Monitor guide you through the important steps you should take to stay protected. This feature was already present in Google Chrome, but now Microsoft Edge users can enjoy it too. let’s start the guide and take a look How to Get password breach alerts in Microsoft Edge.

How to enable password breach changes in MS Edge

Alternatively, you can also click on the menu button in the upper right corner and from the drop-down menu, select Settings and click Passwords. Now, whenever your profile appears in a breach, Edge browser will automatically notify you so you can take necessary action.

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