How to Get Reading Mode on an Android Device – Guide

One Plus 5 debuted with a ton of built-in features. The One Plus devices, although they are a handful, have many features that have become a staple for others to emulate. Introduced with the One Plus 5, Reading Mode is a feature that optimizes the entire device for reading. The grayscale image, the bluish light and all the other little details that aim to make reading on your Android device a much more pleasant experience. although that feature is built into the device, there are ways to get it or simulate reading mode on other devices as well. OnePlus recently released its latest flagship killer, the OnePlus 5, and as expected, it has brought the smartphone to high-end specs and some great features at a pretty decent price. Oxygen OS on OnePlus 5 brings a bunch of useful features features and one of them is the “reading mode”. This mode optimizes the display for reading through grayscale mapping and blue light filtering. You can also set custom apps to open with reading mode enabled by default. It’s really a very useful feature especially if you like to read on your phone.

How to Get reading mode on any android device

the reading mode feature, although not exactly by that name, has been available natively on Android for several years now. It’s asleep in your phone’s developer options. Follow the steps below to enable this mode on your phone:

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