Guide: How to Get Rid of ‘Activate Windows’ Watermark

If you recently bought a new Windows computer or made significant changes to the hardware in your setup, chances are you have the Activate Windows 10 watermark at the bottom right of your desktop. While this is only a minor pain, it is still something you probably don’t want to stare at every time you start up your PC. In this article we will look at it how to Get rid of this annoyance, from buying a new Windows 10 license key to some tweaks you can try to get rid of for free.

Activate Windows 10

The permanent solution is also the simplest. If you already have a product key for your copy of Windows 10, or even a valid key from Windows 7 or 8.1, you can enter it by following these steps: This will take you to the activation window, which will tell you if you have already activated Windows. It also gives you links for both where to find your product key, and to the Windows Store if you need to buy a new one. If you already have a key, continue with the activation process: This will activate your copy of Windows 10 and the watermark should now be gone from your desktop.

Use the Troubleshooter for activation

Most of the time, Windows installations are tied to your computer’s motherboard, so if you’ve recently replaced yours, chances are your copy thinks it’s installed on a new PC. If you have already linked your Windows product key to your Microsoft account, you can fix the problem with the activation troubleshooter. Follow steps 1 to 4 above to get to the activation window and then click Troubleshoot. Then click I recently changed the hardware on this device. Log in to your Microsoft account and you’re done! Your Windows installation will be reactivated.

Buy a copy of Windows

The solutions above depend on you actually owning a copy of Windows and having a valid product key to activate it. If you don’t, the best way to avoid this problem in the future is to buy one. You can use the Go to store link in the activation window to purchase a key directly from Microsoft. You may be able to find a cheaper copy online or at a store, but you should make sure to use only reliable suppliers. Another option that can save you a few bucks is to get an unused copy of Windows 7 or Windows 8.1, as older versions of Windows are often cheaper than the most recent. You can then use the key from any of these to activate Windows 10. Once you have a valid Windows key, you can use the steps above to activate your Windows installation. After doing that, make sure it says it is linked to your Microsoft account. If not, click Add Account and sign in to your Microsoft account. The key is attached to it. This will make your life easier if this problem occurs again or if you buy a new computer.

Remove the watermark without a product key

This is not that easy as you have to play around with some settings or be effective trick Windows thinking you have already activated it. Here are a few things you can try.

Turn off Windows 10 Tips

This one trick has worked for some people and is quite simple. Once you log back in, you can see if it worked.

Use a third-party tool

You can use free third-party software to disable or even reverse the watermark trick Windows think you have activated it. However, don’t just download any old program that you find on Google, as there is a reasonable chance that it contains malicious code such as a virus or malware as part of the package. Winaero can turn off the watermark if none of the previous methods worked for you. Simply download it from the link, open it and install it. Once the installation is complete, you will be automatically logged out of your computer. When you log back in, the watermark should be gone. KMSAuto is a good option for spoofing a Windows product key and can also be used to activate other Microsoft products such as Office. Once you’ve downloaded and installed it, just click on Activation and then Activate Windows, and let it do its thing. Once it says it’s done restart your computer and your Windows installation should be activated and the watermark will be gone.

Windows, activate!

By following this guide, you should remove that annoying watermark on the desktop of your Windows 10 machine. If you’ve tried and tested a method that we haven’t mentioned here, or if you have another virus-free program that works, share with us in the comments below.

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