We highly recommend getting rid of any unnecessary software to ensure your computer runs as smoothly as possible. One of the simplest methods to speed up up your PC and lessen system stress is to remove bloatware. Bloatware is a curse for anyone who owns technology. To earn an extra $1, manufacturers pre-install the software on their new laptopphone or tablet. The only thing left are collections of often useless programs sucking up your storage space. Bloatware is nothing new for Microsoft. Windows may look professional, but it actually has a tinge of unnecessary programs. Fortunately, you can remove bloatware yourself. We have mentioned below the steps to remove Bloatware from Windows 10/11.

Steps to Remove Bloatware from Windows PC

Uninstall pre-installed apps from the start menu

Step 1. click on the Start icon. You can see some apps pinned on the dashboard. Step 2. Right-click on the application and choose “uninstall” from the list. Step 3. Find other apps: click All apps > Scroll down to locate the apps > Right click to click “Uninstall”.

Remove Bloatware with Powershell

Step 1. Open the Start menu and search for Windows Powershell. Then click “Execute as administrator.” Step 2. Click Yes to confirm. When the Powershell openstype the command and press Enter. Step 3. If you want remove more appsrepeat the above steps to remove programs.

Remove unwanted apps from Control Panel

Step 1. Model Control Panel in the search box. Step 2. Follow the path: Control Panel > Programs > Programs and Features Step 3. Locate the software you want to removeand then right-click on it. Choose “uninstall.”

Uninstall Bloatware from Settings

Step 1. Click Definitions from the Start menu. Step 2. Click Applications on left side > Click Applications and features on the right side > Under the lost app, Scroll down to find what you want to cut from your Windows device. Step 3. Click on the three dots and choose “uninstall.”

Final Words

That’s it with our article on how to remove Bloatware from Windows PC. Unpacking new computers and laptops it’s always enjoyable, especially since Microsoft consistently improves the user interface of its software to make it interesting from the get-go. But many people are shocked to learn that after they’ve had so much fun configuring their computers, they’ll often have a less fun experience dealing with bloatware. Software and applications that come pre-installed on computers, even when the user does not want them, are called “bloatware”. These apps usually require a lot of storage space, processing power and effort to delete.

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