How To Get Started With Clubhouse and Create a Room – Guide

Clubhouse is a live audio platform that allows users to connect with others and join groups based on their interests. The app, which was initially only available to iOS users, was made available to Android users in May. Recently, the company also ended the invitation system and made the app available to all users. Currently, the Android app has more than 10 million downloads on Google Play Store. At the Clubhouse, a “room” is where conversation takes place. An open room is one where anyone can join the conversation, while a closed room allows users to limit the conversation to their selected friends or followers. Learn how to to define up your own room on the deck here. Remember that all rooms on the platform are set to open by default and you need to change the setting when starting the room.

How to start with the Clubhouse and create a room

How to Book a room at the Clubhouse

When booking a room, you can plan ahead and pay attention to attendees up so they have time to participate in your discussion. Learn how to schedule a Clubhouse discussion here:

How to Create a Spontaneous Room at the Clubhouse

Spontaneous Rooms are a quick way to create a room on site, and the Clubhouse makes it easy. There are three types of spontaneous rooms you can create at the Clubhouse: Open, Social and Closed Rooms. The difference is who can enter each room. Any Clubhouse user can join an open room. Social rooms are only open to people you follow, and closed rooms are limited to users you have invited to the room. Once you’ve decided which room is appropriate for your specific discussion, follow the steps to create the room:

Moderate your Clubhouse Room

Start with a formal presentation of yourself and the space’s goals. Highlight and expose room rules and regulations. Then briefly address the topic of the room. Be sure to direct the dialogue, control the speakers, and ultimately keep the discussion going.

How to finish a Clubhouse room

Ending a Clubhouse voice chat is always the hardest part emotionally. Since we are talking to them at a level of knowledge where we connect immediately. End the chat by thanking everyone present. As all good things come to an end, it’s time to wrap up Clubhouse Room Chat too – until next time.

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