How to Get Started With the Fortnite Creative – Guide

Fortnite Creative is a free game mode that allows players to create their own maps and matches in a sandbox game environment. These creations can be shared with friends or the entire Fortnite community. If you create a unique, high-quality map, there is a chance that your creation will be available for other players to see in the Creative lobby. Battle Royale also introduces interesting creations to Fortnite’s largest audience by rotating them on the public map at a place called The Block. Creative Mode gives players access to various game features to create their own unique locations. These include props, building components, landscape features, traps, vehicles and more. You can use the resources to simply build an interesting location or create special game types like deathmatches, parkour games, coin collecting or racing.

How to get started with Fortnite Creative


First things first: log in to Creative Mode. Creative mode can be accessed at any time from the game’s main menu or the Battle Royale menu. From the Battle Royale menu, just go to the Game Mode menu and switch to Creative, just like any other game type. Once launched, you will be prompted to create a game type and enter the creative menu. After entering the real game, you will enter an overworld like the one pictured above. From here, you have a variety of options. If you don’t want to create a map yourself, you can access a variety of player-created maps and game modes here. There are some truly original maps, so don’t be afraid to try something new! If you have an idea you’re dying to implement, head to the slot marked with your screen name. There you can choose a template for your island from a list of different options. Don’t worry, if you don’t like it or want to switch, you can create multiple islands at once, so no pressure.


Once you’ve selected a basic model and set foot on your new island, you’re ready to go! Upon landing, you’ll notice a single item in your inventory: an elegant blue cell. phone. This one phone is your new best friend. O phone it’s the tool you’ll use to work on the objects you’ve already placed in the world. When equipping the phone and hover over an object, it starts glowing blue and you will see a series of shortcuts with options to edit the object: copy, cut and delete. O phone is useful for fine-tuning the details and subtleties of previously placed objects and positioning them exactly where you want them. You also have the option to fly. Just double tap the fly button and you can hover over the map at will, giving you a much better angle on things. When you want to land, just tap the button again and you’ll be back on the ground in no time.

filling the world

So you learned the basics. Now it’s time to play around a bit. Open your inventory menu. It’s the same button you use in normal Battle Royale mode, but you will be greeted with a very different view. Here you can access menus that contain a whole range of in-game assets.

Play time

Once you’ve completed your custom island, open the Pause menu and navigate to the My Island tab. Here you can specify exactly how you want to play your game. You can set parameters like game mode, teams and time limits. In the Settings tab, you can also try out some fun tools like Infinite Ammo. You can customize the game according to your needs, so have fun with it. Once you find your settings, you can click the “Start Game” button button to experience the map you just created the way it was meant to be played…. And introduce your friends to chaos.

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