How to Get Sticky Notes on iPhone Home Screen – Guide

There are times when you want to jot down something you don’t want to forget on your device and opening note-taking apps can seem like a time-consuming process. Desktop computers have this functionality where you can add sticky notes to the home screen. With the introduction of iOS 14 widgets, you can put sticky notes on your iPhone home screen. The app called Sticky Notes will give you the desktop sticky notes experience on your iPhone. The Sticky Widgets app looks like a real-life sticky note and gives that kind of feeling. Any widget you add (whether small, medium or large) can be edited and you can add or remove text. The app also has yellow and pink marquee background and also has felt font. The application works as a widget.

Add Sticky Notes to iPhone Home Screen

Like New home style screen widgets on iPhone, there are many sticky note apps out there that offer the same. You can simply add a widget to the home screen and add notes as you go. Let’s see how. You can add and remove any text from sticky widgets. While you can add multiple widgets, you can only have one sticky note at a time. So all sticky note widgets will have the same text.

Add Multiple Sticky Notes Widgets to iPhone Home Screen

Sticky Widgets app is much easier and simpler to use. But, it only allows you to add one sticky note at a time. Even though you can add multiple sticky note widgets, you will see the same note in all widgets. Let’s see how we can get various note widgets on iPhone home screen.

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