You might be wondering how you’re going to get there because it’s perched high above Crystalsong Forest, especially since Northrend’s flying ability won’t be unlocked until level 77. Fortunately, this manual will assist you. Of course, Dalaran is merely a teleport away if you know a friendly mage who has previously discovered the portal. But I’ll describe what you need to do if you want to arrive naturally as you complete zone tasks. We have mentioned below to How to Get to Dalaran WotLK Classic.

How to Get to Dalaran WotLK Classic

Mage portals

The Mage class has several extremely useful, practical tasks. Mages can learn how to create portals that can send players to the far corners of Azeroth. At level 74, mages can learn how to create portals to the floating city of Dalaran. Classically, mages have offered their portal-making skills to other players in exchange for gold. Although you will have to fork over a few gold pieces for the mage’s services, using a mage portal is undoubtedly the fastest way to enter Dalaran.

Accept the quests

Once you reach level 74, both Horde and Alliance players can accept a quest called “The Magic Kingdom of Dalaran” that will send you directly to the city. For Alliance and Horde players, there are separate, relatively long quest lines to reach this final level. Below are the quest givers and the locations that will eventually lead players to Dalaran.

Get The Flight Path

Remember to take the flight plan once you find a new location this is a reminder that never needs to be repeated. There is still a robust market for conventional transportation in Dalaran despite all of the magical energy and talent there. Visit Karsus Landing right away, then click on the exclamation point in green. Also located here, take note, is the Cold Weather Flying Trainer.

Final Words

We hope like our article on how to Get to Dalaran WotLK Classic. Regardless of your faction Alliance or Horde you’ve had to make the difficult choice of whether to start levelling on the new freezing continent’s Borean Tundra or Howling Fjord. You’ve started doing quests, killing enemies, running into the Scourge, and perhaps even finishing a few dungeons. However, you don’t know how to go to Dalaran, the principal city on the continent. We’ve got you covered, so don’t worry.

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