Some people may be shadowbanned instead, which means that while you will be unable to view their profiles or receive messages from them, they will also be unaware of the change. There are numerous reasons why getting shadowbanned on Tinder is the worst thing possible. For starters, that means you won’t appear in anyone’s stack of prospective matches. That means you’re effectively invisible to everyone on the app, which is a tremendous disappointment. We have mentioned steps below to Get Unbanned from Tinder

Steps to Get Unbanned from Tinder

Uninstall Tinder

No matter what device you were using Tinder on, delete/uninstall it. This means clearing the app’s cache from your device. You will not be able to recover your Tinder account after it has been suspended. Therefore, you should uninstall the app and start over.

Disconnect your Facebook or other social networks from Tinder

Facebook > Settings > Apps and Websites > Tinder > Remove App. You can’t use your account anymore – there’s no  reason to keep connecting your social networks. We need to clean up the old mess to start fresh!

Use a different device or change your device ID and IP address

If you’ve been using Tinder on your phone, you don’t necessarily need to get a new device. You can also use Tinder on your computer (available as a website:

Get a new SIM/disposable number

A new Email Address

You don’t want to use the same email address that you used for your banned Tinder account with your new Tinder account. Tinder will recognise you and ban you again. You require a new email address!

New google play account/Apple ID

Because your Google account/Apple ID collects the data, using the same Google account/Apple ID to download the app again can provide Tinder with enough information to figure out who you are.

Final Words

We hope like oour article on How to Get Unbanned from Tinder.  Tinder is one of the most popular dating applications in the world, with millions of regular users or followers eager to find a compatible connection. While most people believe that getting banned from the Tinder app is difficult, each app has its unique set of rules. Tinder also has some basic guidelines that are pretty different from other applications, and if you do not follow them, you will be banned very soon.

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