How To Get WhatsApp Dark Mode On iPhone – Guide

Finally, after a long wait, WhatsApp activated Dark Mode with its latest iOS update. O feature it was in beta for a few weeks but has now been released to the public. Dark mode is highly requested feature as it helps reduce eye strain in dimly lit environments and can slightly reduce battery consumption, especially in phones with OLED screens such as the iPhone 11 Pro and iPhone 11 Pro Max. phones like the Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro, and the alleged soon-to-be-released iPhone 13, you want to make sure WhatsApp is looking its best in its new update. Darker screens also consume less power (especially if your device has an AMOLED screen, as explained in the video below). After all, it looks cool and is a refreshing change from the all-white finishes. WhatsApp has been busy releasing features its users have long requested such as expired media, archived chats, and multi-device support coming soon. With minor changes to its appearance, such as new chat bubbles coming soon, Dark Mode looks great on one device, and in a few simple steps, you can enable it on yours too.

How to Activate WhatsApp Dark Mode on iPhone

Before iOS 14, to enable WhatsApp dark mode on iPhone, you could open WhatsApp > Settings > Chats > Theme > Dark. However, if your iPhone is running iOS 14 or later, dark mode will start from the phone WhatsApp settings and not WhatsApp settings. Follow the steps below to enable it: When ‘Dark’ is selected, it will enable dark mode in all apps on your iPhone. Dark mode can also be activated in the Control Center.

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