How To Get Your Deleted iPhone Widgets – Guide

The new update on the iPhone brought new changes and features for users. This time iPhone users cannot find the widgets in home screen and not even in the widgets menu. But do not worry! In this article, we will give you tips in how to recover deleted widgets on iPhone…. If you have updated your iPhone to the latest version of iOS 14.3, you may find that you have lost some or all of your third-party widgets. If you cannot see the widgets in home screen, they are also not available in the widgets menu. Widgets did not appear on iPhone 12 Mini, iPhone 11, and iPhone SE (first generation). You will not encounter this issue if you are an iPhone X user. After the updates, many people said that they lost all their iPhone widgets. For example, a user updated their iPhone 12 Mini with iOS 14.3. After the updates, there were no more Spotify and IMDb widgets. The user even tried to find the Spotify widget in the widgets menu, but the widget is completely gone. But the weather widget was there and it worked fine. I asked my friends and researched on the internet that many people are facing this problem. Don’t worry, you can fix this problem quickly. Don’t worry about deleted widgets. To see how to recover deleted widgets on your iPhone.

How to get your deleted iPhone widgets

uninstall app

Reinstall from the App Store

Check and restore the widget

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