How To Hack Dinosaur Game On Google Chrome – Guide

Anyone who has used Google Chrome must have watched a dinosaur game without an internet connection. You must have been trying to play for some time before the connection is not restored. Initially the game speed is significantly slower, with few obstacles and feels like a breeze. But the further you advance, the faster the game speed increases with a greater number of different obstacles. Since it’s a fun game, it would be cool if there was a way to hack the dinosaur game in Google Chrome to get a score that would surprise your friends. The steps listed below are dinosaur games tricks that will help you to get amazing scores by making the dinosaur invincible and letting it run without getting pecked by the birds or cactus. There are no requirements to play the dinosaur game on Google Chrome other than the Google Chrome browser itself installed. If you don’t have an internet connection, you won’t need anything else to play. Just type any URL into Google Chrome’s address bar and you will see that the game screen will appear with the message “No Internet”.

How to hack dino game from chrome: Playing the game

While you can wait until you go offline to play Chrome’s secret dinosaur game, you can play it in your browser right now without having to lose your internet connection. Here it is how to Reproduce.

How to hack chrome dino game: change jump height and speed

Want to make Chrome’s dinosaur jump higher or lower? Or make the T-Rex start running at a faster speed instead of picking gradually up the rhythm? Then try these two hacks below.

Final note

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