How to hack facebook account password – Guide

Facebook not only increased the wealth of the company, but also that of the platform’s owner, Mark Zuckerberg. Today, Facebook is not just by a small, but by a large margin, the most used social media platform in the world. Give me a person’s name and I can tell you that there is a very high probability that that person uses Facebook. Facebook is the first major social media platform that brought people together, accelerating international communication. Since Facebook gratification, there have been other social media platforms developed by various individuals and groups, but they haven’t come close in terms of adoption. The Facebook hack is one of the most popular among social media platforms, which is understandable based on the number of users. Mainly, to hack someone’s Facebook account or messages, you need to hack someone’s Facebook account first to reveal their messages and for starters we would discuss how to hack facebook account first. Facebook has been used by users and its members for years, although lately we have noticed a lot of security concerns with Facebook. So, hacking a Facebook account is not easy. Facebook membership continues to grow and there are approximately 1.97 billion active Facebook users.

How to hack facebook account password

Using Keylogger to Hack Facebook Account

Keylogger Software: A keylogger software can be downloaded onto the victim’s PC. As soon as it is activated, it starts recording every keystroke the victim makes. Keylogger software must be downloaded onto victim’s computer without their knowledge. The keylogger would remain undetectable in the background and once it has captured all the victim’s keystrokes, it will send the reports of the captured data to your email.

Using Phishing to Hack Facebook Account

Phishing method is another attack method to hack Facebook account. Phishing means sending a fake page to the victim and as soon as he enters the username and password, you will look for it in the fake page loaded on your server. Phishing can be done using the Kali Linux operating system or without Kali Linux. In this article, we will discuss both methods as how to create a phishing page using Kali Linux and how to create an online phishing page. For the first method, you should know how to install Kali Linux on your PC. A phishing page to hack a Facebook account can be done using the social engineering toolkit that is already installed on Kali Linux OS. The phishing link must be sent to the victim from the same local network as you and the data the victim enters on the fake page will be stored in a file on your machine.

Hack Facebook Account Using Shellphish

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