How to hard-lock your iPhone – Guide

If you find yourself in a situation where a police officer or federal agent – such as a TSA employee at the airport – requests or demands your iPhone, should you hand it over? Many people say no, never. But if you do, at least know how to block it quickly before it leaves your hand. This will help protect your data on the device. As reported recently, some states are beginning to accept digital IDs in Wallet. And as you read more about the subject, we found an interesting footnote. Literally. On the Daring Fireball blog, he reported some details about the use of driver’s licenses and IDs in Apple Wallet. In a footnote, he discusses crashing an iPhone. “Hard-lock” may not be a common term in the Apple ecosystem, but it simply describes the intentional locking of the iPhone’s screen quickly.

Why lock your iPhone?

As Gruber describes, Apple provides security so that you can show Wallet information without showing more than you want. But if you hand someone an iPhone with an unlocked screen, all bets are off. They can keep the device too. Many people may be unaware that you can actually crash your phone in a few seconds. Your iPhone screen is probably set to revert to locked status after a certain interval, and you routinely use Face ID or Touch ID to unlock it. But you can force a physical crash, and after you do that, no one is pointing the phone on your face or pressing your finger against a sensor will unlock it. Only your password will unlock it.

How to lock your iPhone quickly

This is the kind of thing you should know like the back of your hand so you can do it automatically in a moment of panic. You know, like when a cop demands you turn over your iPhone.

With a Face ID phone:

With an iPhone Touch ID:

With any iPhone, initiate an SOS call and emergency lock:

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