How to hear your commute time on Android – Guide

Would you like to know the daily commute time to your place of residence or work? On Android, you can quickly get this information through a Google Assistant routine. The command is the result of the integration of different Google services: the configuration is done through the Google application (Android) and the route estimate is calculated by Google Maps (Android) considering your current position. With the routine created, the Google Assistant will inform you about the current travel time and bring you information about the weather forecast. There are two ways to activate it: with a voice command, which is configured in the assistant itself, or through a widget in the home screen. That way, your travel time can be viewed with just one touch on the screen. Before creating the routine, you need to add your home or business address for your Google Assistant account. You can just press the shortcut and no matter where you are, Google Assistant will tell you how many minutes it takes you to get to work. You can also use the same technique to find out how long it will take to get home wherever you are.

How to quickly hear your daily commute time

How to Create a routine to listen to your daily commute time

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