How to Hide any Drive in Windows using CMD – Guide

We used to hide or password protect our files and folders on our system so that no one could access them. When there are so many files and folders, it’s not a good way to hide or lock all files and folders. A good option is that you can move all these files and folders to one drive and hide that drive from your computer. Yes, we can hide any disk in your Windows OS without using any additional utilities. These hidden drives are not visible to a regular user and therefore you can hide/protect your confidential or private data. A quality feature in Windows family is showing or hiding the drive partition or volume. We can also use this function in Windows 10 to hide or show partitions. User can view or display drive partition with built-in disk management tool and also with different methods. not an acquaintance feature among users. While Windows 10 allows you to hide specific files or folders, how about hiding an entire drive? Just like a folder, you can hide an entire drive in Windows 10.

Steps to Hide Any Drive in Windows Using CMD

Steps to display drive with Cmd

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