Because of this, IP addresses give the means of doing so, and they play a crucial role in how the internet functions. You’ll see that the majority of IP addresses are purely numerical. However, as internet usage increases and the world sees a massive increase in network users, the network developers had to add some letters and some addresses. According to how Internet Protocol operates, data is sent over the network in discrete units called packets. Each packet contains a header that contains information specific to that packet, as well as the majority of the data the sender is attempting to communicate. The IP addresses of the device that sent the packet and the device to which it is being sent are among the other pieces of information kept in the packet header.

Steps to hide IP Address on iPhone

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We hope like our article on how to Hide IP Address on iPhone. Your device and location are identified by an IP address, which is a series of integers and decimals. If you have an internet connection, you have an IP address. Your public IP address can be used to track you and prevent you from accessing region-locked content because it is distinctive and widely known on the internet.

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