How to Hide Like Counts on Facebook – Guide

While some people benefit from the number of likes their photos, videos and status updates receive on Facebook or Instagram, for others the experience can be quite demoralizing. Now, Facebook and Instagram are making it possible to hide public like counts on posts if they aren’t resolved with the amount of love (or lack thereof) the posts are getting. The company says this means viewers can focus on the content rather than the recognition they receive. “We tested hiding like counts to see if it could diminish people’s experience on Instagram,” the joint ventures wrote in two blog posts on Wednesday. “What we’ve heard from people and experts is that not seeing like counts has been beneficial for some and annoying for others, mainly because people use like counts to get a sense of what’s trending or what’s popular, so we give the you choose it.” You can hide likes and see the count of individual posts as well as others. This setting applies to the entire feed once in effect.

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