But there will always be one or two people who can’t resist looking at other people’s screens, as we frequently encounter folks. In addition, you might occasionally lend your iPhone to a friend or member of your family, and he might begin looking for information about you. The notification on your iPhone also contains some information that is exposed. Therefore, it becomes imperative to keep your private information private from those you don’t trust. Touch ID or a ridiculously complex passcode may be used to secure your iPhone. But even so, you’d probably prefer that when your phone is unlocked, people didn’t find some quite, uh, private things on there. You are responsible for protecting your personal information since Apple hasn’t yet heeded our request for a unique iPhone guest mode. We mentioned below are the ways to Hide Personal Content on iPhone.

Ways to Hide Personal Content on iPhone

Add a password

The first step is to make sure that others can’t get past your iPhone’s lock screen. If you’re not using Face ID or Touch ID, it’s a good idea to add a password. Step 1: To set a password, go to the Settings app Step 2: Tab on select Face ID & Password or Touch ID & Passcode, Step 3: Then click Turn on Passcode. Step 4: You should also change the passcode of your iPhone frequently. Because, if people often observe the way you click on your iPhone, they might guess your passcode.

Hide Notifications appearing on Lock Screen

Your preferences, the apps you use excessively, and other actions are all shown via the notifications. Only leave your notifications on if you live alone or carry your iPhone with you at all times. This is crucial because all someone needs to do to see your recent notifications on your iPhone after they have access to it is to swipe down from the lock screen. Follow these steps to block alerts from showing up on your iPhone’s lock screen: Step 1: Launch Settings and select Notifications. Step 2: Under Notification Style, look for the app from where you don’t want the notifications on the lock screen. Step 3: On the app’s page, uncheck the box just below the “Lock Screen” option under Alerts. Step 4: That’s it, all the notifications from the chosen app will not appear on the Lock Screen. Step 5: Alternatively, one may also disable Show Previews under Lock Screen Appearance. To do so, click on Show Previews, and select Never.

Disable Siri Suggestions

Apple’s Siri continuously observes your behavior and makes “Suggestions” based on it. It might resemble making a phone call, sending a message to a specific individual, etc. This even aggregates a list of items you want to browse simultaneously. When your iPhone is in someone else’s hands, having Siri watch over your activities could be problematic. Before giving your iPhone to friends or coworkers, it is wise to turn off Siri Suggestions to avoid any additional hassles. Here’s how to deactivate it: Step 1: Tap on the Settings icon and select Siri & Search. Step 2: Scroll down to Before Searching, and disable all the toggle switches inside. Step 3: Turn off all the toggle switches inside “Suggestions from Apple” as well.

Hide App from Home Screen

If there’s an app you use too frequently but don’t want this app to appear on the Home Screen, you should hide this app. Step 1: To do so, just long press on the App’s icon and select Remove App. Step 2: On the succeeding pop-up menu, click “Remove from Home Screen”. Step 3: You may find the Hidden app by swiping right to the last screen i.e. your App Library.

Make Sensitive Apps hidden

All of the apps you have purchased through the App Store will be permanently linked to your Apple ID, unlike Google Play Store. Even if you remove a specific app, it will still be visible when someone hits your purchased section. You can always hide that particular programme and keep it hidden, so don’t worry. To view your previous app purchases on your iPhone, someone who understands this trick still needs to know your passkey.

Hide any app from App Store

Step 1: Click on App Store’s icon to launch it. Step 2: Go to Apps and click on your profile picture. Step 3: Select Purchased and look for the app that you want to hide from here. Step 4: In case you have already uninstalled this app, you may click on the tab – Not on this iPhone. Step 5: Swipe the app from right to left and tap Hide.

Final Words

We hope you like our article on how to hide Personal Content on iPhone. Your iPhone is your private property, and any private content on it should stay that way. But in actuality, there will always be one or two individuals in your circle who can’t resist sneaking a peak at someone else’s screen. It’s crucial to know how to have more control over what appears on your iPhone, even if there’s no need to turn it into an impenetrable fortress at the expense of your convenience. You can increase your device’s privacy in this way.

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