How to hide phone number in Telegram for Android – Guide

If you’re interested in secure communications, you’ve probably heard of Telegram, a cloud-based messaging and VoIP service. Telegram allows users to send messages, photos, videos streams, audio files and other files anonymously. Despite all the hype, Telegram is not a particularly secure communication app. Messages are only encrypted on the client side, and cryptography experts have criticized the application’s security architecture. For example, all contacts and messages are stored along with their decryption keys and the app does not have end-to-end encryption for messages. Additionally, Telegram’s custom encryption protocol has been shown to have significant security and reliability issues. For these reasons, many users still send messages via Telegram but want to anonymize themselves when using the service. More specifically, many people want to use Telegram but still hide their phone application number. Despite being an end-to-end encrypted platform, it offers many additional features. features and security options that allow users to further strengthen their privacy. Hide personal information, such as a phone number is one of them. hiding your phone number prevents strangers from having access to your registration phone number, which can lead to online scams or some form of harassment.

How to hide phone number in Telegram for Android

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