How to Hide Photos on iPhone and iPad – Guide

Your iPhone may contain photos that you don’t want to delete right away, but for (privacy) reasons you don’t want them to appear in your photo library either. You can hide any of these photos on your iPhone without the need for third-party apps. Apple natively provided the option to hide your photos on your iPhone. You can use this option to make sure your loved ones don’t see your photos when they look at your photo library. Sometimes you might not want certain photos taken on your iPhone or iPad to be visible in your photo library, but for whatever reason, you might not want to delete them directly either. That’s why Apple’s Photos app includes an option to hide specific photos from the main library. Prior to iOS 14, this option hid images from the Photos and For You sections of the Photos app, but they were still displayed up in the Albums section in an album called Hidden, which isn’t exactly a discreet way to do this, Squirrel’s private photos are gone. With that in mind, Apple added an option in iOS 14 and iPadOS 14 that would allow users to literally hide the hidden album from the Photos app.

How to Hide Photos on iPhone and iPad

Hide Photos on iPhone with Photos App

This method is quick and easy, but it won’t stop someone from finding an image if they have access to yours. phone (meaning they know the passcode or you open it to them) and a little iPhone knowledge, but it will prevent most people from finding the photo (or video).

How to password protect photos on iPhone using Notes app

Want your photos, videos or other media to be password protected? Use Notes.

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