Have you ever wondered why people enjoy using Facebook so much? After all, there are numerous other ways to communicate online, such as email, instant messaging, and so on. The ability to connect and share with the people you care about at the same time is what distinguishes Facebook. Having a Facebook account, like having your own email address, is now an expected part of being online for many people. Because Facebook is so popular, other websites have attempted to integrate it. This means you can use a single Facebook account to sign in to various Web services. Hiding a Facebook comment yields immediate results. The comment is immediately removed from public view, so a typical user cannot read or respond to it. But that doesn’t mean the comment has vanished. It can still be seen by the original poster and their friends. They won’t realise you hid their comment because they can still see it. We have mentioned steps below to Hide Post on Facebook

Steps to Hide Post on Facebook

Final Words

We hope like our article on How to Hide Post on Facebook. Facebook news feed is a great place to quickly scan for updates on your friends’ and family’s activities. However, you may come across shared articles or other posts that irritate or offend you. There’s no need to unfriend a Facebook connection if they’re posting inappropriate content. Individual posts can be hidden, a friend can be snoozed for 30 days, or you can even unfollow someone if you don’t want to see their content in your news feed.

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