How To Hide Start Button in Windows 10 PC – Guide

Windows 10 has finally brought back the Start menu. The Start menu or Start screen (off by default on desktops and laptops) can be accessed by clicking the Start button button or by pressing the Windows logo key on the keyboard. Most users open the Start menu by clicking the Start button button on the taskbar. However, many keyboard shortcut lovers use the Windows logo key to open the Start menu. If you always use your keyboard to open the Start menu, or you’ve set Windows 10 to center the taskbar icons, you might want to hide the Start menu. button. The Win10 Start Menu is a directory of all the programs, folders and contacts you use frequently. It is the main access point to applications on your PC. Users can click the Start button button or press the Win logo key to access the Start menu. There are two panes and a search box in the Windows 10 Start menu. Users can find all the apps in the left pane and the corresponding live titles of the apps in the right pane. Any app in the All apps list in the left pane can be copied as a tile on the right. The Start menu provides a way to launch applications or programs, adjust Windows settings, ask for help in difficult situations, shut down Windows and leave your PC for a while. Users can easily hide or remove it if they don’t need it. You can also easily return it.

How to hide start Button on Windows 10 computer

Hide the Start Menu using StartIsGone

StartIsGone is a portable program that helps users hide the Start Menu from the taskbar. It is fully native to Win 8.1 and Win 10.

Hide the Start Menu with Start Killer

Start Killer is a free program to hide or disable the Start menu. It’s easy to hide the beginning button with Start Killer.

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