How to Hide the MacBook Notch in an App – Guide

The inclusion of a notch on the redesigned 14-inch and 16-inch MacBook Pro allowed Apple to shrink the display bezels and move the menu bar up around the camera body to leave more screen space underneath, but it was a controversial decision. For some users, the appearance of the notch in the middle of the menu bar is a defect in a fantastic screen. For others, their location is actively interfering with app menu items. In any case, many prefer not to have it. Fortunately, there are ways to hide the notch to varying degrees or make it compatible with the app’s menu bars. The easiest way to make the notch essentially invisible when using a specific app is to use it in full screen mode. If you don’t like the notch staring at you while looking at the screen, there’s an app for that. While the following third-party apps don’t directly remove the notch, they do at least make its existence less obvious by forcing a black menu bar, just like macOS Monterey adds a black panel at the top of the screen when apps are full – screen, just by doing that You customize your chosen wallpaper, like this.

How to use full screen mode on Mac:

How to exit full screen mode:

Scaling app menu bars

You can’t hide the MacBook Pro notch by scaling the app’s menu bars. However, you can ensure that the entire application menu bar is below it by doing this.

To scale application menu bars:

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