How to Hide Whatsapp Last Seen on iPhone and Android Device – Guide

Do you get a lot of messages on WhatsApp or WhatsApp Web and sometimes you just read them and don’t bother to reply? Do people hate you for reading their messages but not replying to them? Do you have a girlfriend or boyfriend who follows your WhatsApp profile 24/7 and then argues with you when he finds out that your last seen WhatsApp corresponds to someone else? How does this app work? – After configuring the app, the app starts working. When you open WhatsApp, Not Last Seen app automatically disables your Wi-Fi connection and when you close the WhatsApp window, it automatically starts Wi-Fi. It is necessary and will not keep you waiting. Therefore, it is justified to call it an automatic WiFi on and off app. In the upper right corner of this page you will find three white dots. This is the icon for contacts in imo. Tap once. This icon is used to open the menu in WhatsApp.

Hide ‘Last seen’ on an Android device

How to Hide ‘Last Seen’ on an iPhone

How to Hide Last Seen Whatsapp on Android

To hide the last seen status on your Android phone,

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