How to Highlight Blanks and Errors Cells in Your Google Sheets – Guide

Identifying things in a spreadsheet can be much faster if you use colors that appear on screen. Conditional formatting in Microsoft Excel makes it easy to find empty cells or formula errors. If you have a spreadsheet full of data that expects to fill every cell, you can easily lose blank cells. And missing data can be just as harmful as bad data. Here it is how to find empty cells using conditional formatting. Google Sheets allows you to save your documents for free to Google Drive cloud storage. Even if you need to access all your data from another device, you can do it in a few seconds using the corresponding mobile application or through the website. When entering numbers or formulas into Google Sheets spreadsheets, sometimes we can’t help but make a mistake. It happens that we leave a cell blank in a certain row or we leave it empty without entering a value. These errors are easy to spot if you just input some numbers and text into your Google Spreadsheets.

How to highlight blank cells and errors in your google sheets

Select or highlight blank cells in Google Sheets

Select or highlight cells with errors in Google Sheets

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