How to Host a Minecraft Server on Android Device – Guide

You can use a non-rooted Android device to host a Minecraft server. Seriously, this is a great way to enjoy an old Android phone or tablet that you might have lying around. Of course, your Android device won’t be particularly powerful as a server, but it will work. I put up a Minecraft server on my Samsung Galaxy Note9 using One UI 2.0 and I was able to log into my computer without any issues. If you are interested, it is recommended that you use a phone or tablet with at least 4GB of RAM. Even though a Minecraft server can run fine with 1GB of RAM, you need more RAM to prevent Android itself from crashing. You should also have a pretty powerful processor, as Minecraft needs to do some processing. If this all sounds good to you, keep reading because it’s time for instructions. Have a portable Minecraft server on your Android phone, you can have fun with your friends anywhere and everywhere. So we found a cool way to host a Minecraft server on your Android device. However, the process is not very simple and is a bit time consuming. But you can get it easily if you pay attention. So let’s see how to create and host a minecraft server on an android phone.

To define Up Minecraft

This will run the Minecraft server with 1GB (1024MB) of RAM. If you want to provide more or less RAM to work with, change the number “1024M” in the -Xmx argument.

Final note

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