How to Host an Online Movie Party on Twitch – Guide

Once the extension is installed, pin it to the toolbar for easy access and control. Browse to a streaming service in your browser and select the show or movie you want to watch. Start playing the video and click the red TP icon on the toolbar to open a small window. Click Start Party to generate a shareable code to send to your guests. You can join the party you set up and talk using the extension’s text chat feature. By default, Teleparty allows anyone to control video playback. Since the video is synced, if someone pauses the feed, it will pause for everyone. This is probably the most convenient option, but you can change it if you want to keep things more organized.

How to Add Watch Parties to your Stream Manager

Watch Party functionality is not enabled for streamers by default. You will need to configure it first up on the creator panel. So, head over to Twitch, log in with your account, and follow the instructions below to add watch groups to your stream manager:

How to To define Up Your webcam and audio for Twitch watch groups

When starting a watch party on Twitch, your audience will still be able to see your desktop and webcam. However, Twitch minimizes this window and moves it to the top of the chat. Twitch does this so your viewers can see your face while watching Prime Video content through your stream. You can use your streaming software to maximize your webcam’s overlay and ensure it fits the entire screen.

Follow these simple instructions to learn how to do this in OBS or Streamlabs OBS:

How to Authorize Prime Video to play on your Twitch account

How to Choose Prime Video content and start the Watch Party

One of the biggest hurdles is finding the right content to watch. Because Prime Video contains a lot of region-locked content, some of your viewers may not have access to the content you want to stream. However, Twitch is good at letting you know about this so you can make an informed decision. Use the simple steps below to select content and start your first watch party:

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