How to Identify any Song that’s Already Playing On Your Phone – Guide

Have you ever been dancing to a song on the radio but didn’t get the name or artist? Or do you sometimes go out with friends and enjoy the music that’s playing, but you can’t choose up the lyrics to Google later. There are several ways to identify the music that is playing around you. But have you ever wondered what is the name of the song that comes from your Android smartphone? It could be a YouTube video, a live stream, a Snapchat snap, or an Instagram story. Thanks to Shazam and other tools, you can directly identify the name of the song playing on your phone. Whether you’re listening to something through your phone, speakers or headphones, Shazam makes it easy to discover. Here’s how.

How to identify any song that is already playing on your phone

Google Assistant (Android or iPhone)

Siri (iPhone)

Shazam (Android or iPhone)

Now playing (Google Pixel Phones Only)

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