How to Identify Objects with iPhone – Guide

In the Photos app, you can search not only people but also objects from iOS 10 onwards. Want to see all the cute dog photos you have? You can look for pictures of dogs and find them. Maybe you’re looking for that picture of your Christmas tree from last year – look for trees. The Photos app on iPhone just keeps getting better at recognizing what’s in a photo, making it much easier to find the exact image you’re looking for. Also, since recent iOS updates, we’ve been able to add captions to photos in the Photos app, making searches more likely to yield accurate results. However, the search function works even without subtitles and is quite impressive. You took a picture of something interesting with your iPhone and you want to know more about it. With iOS 15, you can use a new option called Visual Lookup. O feature, which is available for compatible iPhone and iPad models, analyzes and performs a subject-specific search in certain types of photos. With Visual Lookup, you can learn about a landmark, a famous painting, or something in nature. Here’s how it works.

How to identify objects with your iPhone

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