How to Improve Battery Life on Android Phones – Guide

Struggling to extend battery life on Android devices? We all hate frequent loading. Battery backup is always important now when we are planning to buy our new smartphone. There are many Android smartphones on the market that have good battery performance, but unfortunately they don’t have infinite battery life. So, here are some simple tricks to extend the battery life of your Android devices. So why do we need to connect our Android smartphones every day? Several factors have led to a decrease in device resistance in recent years. Thinner designs with less battery space, bigger and brighter screens, faster quad-core processors, more software running in the background, and power-hungry GPS radios are all to blame. The shift from 3G to 4G networks a few years ago, especially the LTE variety, also took its toll.

How to Improve battery life on Android Phones

Turn off GPS tracking

GPS consumes a lot of power. Some apps need location access to serve you better, but leaving it on all the time will drain your battery quickly. You can turn the GPS on when you really need it and turn it off otherwise. To do this, go to Settings > Location and turn off “location service”. some androids phones They also offer the option to disable GPS and rely on cellular, Wi-Fi or Bluetooth to determine location, which saves battery life. You can also find the Location or GPS option in the quick access bar.

Activate dark mode

Currently, most Android devices have a Dark Mode option that applies a dark theme to the UI. if your phone It has an OLED screen, you can use it to save battery. As OLED screens do not require backlighting, they create rich blacks by turning off individual pixels. So, by applying a dark theme, you minimize the energy used to light your phone’s, which saves battery. Also, enable dark theme for all supported apps and use a darker background – preferably all black to save more power.

Limit apps running in the background

We have a habit of exiting apps by tapping the home button or passing up from the bottom. This will keep the app running in the background. First, you need to exit the app properly or delete it from recent entries. Second, you need to restrict some apps from running in the background. To do this, go to Settings > Apps and select an app. Now, go to the Power or Battery Saver option and select “Do not run in background”.

Get rid of battery killers

Sometimes some apps have bugs and other issues that cause it to malfunction and affect your phone’s battery life. You need to monitor your phone’s battery life to identify these apps and get rid of them. Go to Settings > Battery > Power consumption to monitor the power consumption of apps. You can also install a third-party assistant to keep an eye out for this type of app behavior.

Switch to lite apps or a web-based interface.

Many apps have a stripped down version of their apps on the Play Store such as Facebook Lite, Messenger Lite and more. Other apps offer a simplified version via a web browser, such as Ola Cabs. Companies do this to make it easier for people with less power to phones to access your services. However, you can use these web-based interfaces or Lite versions to save battery.

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